manoPFWFPisa Food & Wine Festival comes to its 5th edition and looks forward.

The theme for this year is the Mediterranean Diet declined on local products and traditional recipes from Pisa and its territory.

Many new local food and wine producers, as well as the established ones,  a new contest on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with prestigious awards for participants.

Tasting workshops held to promote the products of our territory: four workshops will be targeted on wine, the others on ancient grains, craft beers, quality chocolate, the organic “beach honey” and the hand-made jams.

As usual, Pisa Chamber of Commerce will be supported by the local Hotel Management School “Matteotti”, the local Associations and the University of Pisa in order to let consumers and public rediscover the local products, and give them detailed information about a correct, healthy diet.

The “Show Cooking” theme sessions, will let visitors taste the dishes of the so-called “poor cuisine from Pisa and its territory” with a careful, particular focus on the Mediterranean diet and on healthy eating. During the “Nutrachef”evenings, University of Pisa experts will join professional chefs to show the public how to eat health according to food traditions.

The Game Room at the Stazione Leopolda will be the venue of scheduled performances and activities for children and their parents, aimed to food education: games, stories, musical entertainment, tastings, meetings on healthy nutrition of children with expert nutritionists.

Absolute novelty 2016: the “Olive Oil” contest will reward the participants! Adults and children will have to recognize and identify the differences between good and fault olive oils. The winners will bring home awards in Extra Virgin Olive Oil of remakable value.

Information and registration for tasting workshops, show cooking, and participation to “Olive Oil” Show Contest, please visit the page “Event and Taste” (in italian language).

Save the Date! 
October 21-23, 2016
Pisa, Stazione Leopolda